Works are either quoted upfront or if the scope of the project is unknown, at an hourly rate. When you commission artwork, you are paying the illustrator for both the time spent and the rights to use the image.

I’m pleased to say Mediart is not VAT registered – so there’s no VAT to pay!

Get in touch, with an outline of your project and I’ll be happy to provide a quote.

Copyright licensing

Copyright licensing rights affect the value of any work in terms of:
Use, Duration and Territory.

What will it be used for?

Usage examples could be: TV advertising, Journal, website, Intra-premises, Presentation, Online advertising, social media, brochure, posters and billboards, merchandise, packaging or newspaper. The point being, TV advertising rights would incur a different cost to an in-house publication.

How long will the illustration be in circulation?

For example, 6 months, 5 years or indefinitely.

Where is it aimed?

Finally, for example: UK, US, Europe or Global.

In certain circumstances, it can also be agreed that copyright ownership is wholly assigned to yourself.

The ‘Acceptance of Commission & Licensing Agreement’ Mediart uses is lightweight, protects both parties equally and has been developed by the Association of Illustrators.

Guide to commissioning

It’s pretty straightforward. This is a typical process, all conducted over email.

  1. Describe what you need:
    • How many illustrations?
    • What is each illustration intending to show? (Any reference is useful)
    • Who are they for? (For example, book, advert, patient or conference)
    • When are they needed?
  2. I’ll respond with my understanding of the brief and a quote, which may include stage payments for larger jobs.
  3. If you want to proceed let me know, I’ll send you a ‘Licensing agreement / Purchase order’. (If it‘s a small job I’ll accept a quick emailed confirmation and make a start).
  4. Once work is underway, I’ll send drafts for your perusal and feedback.
  5. I submit the final artwork.
  6. I’ll undertake two rounds of amendments if necessary.
  7. You sign it off and I send you a final invoice.


I regularly work under Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and take security & privacy very seriously, if protected by an agreement or not.